Tuesday, February 24, 2009


For those of you who tuned in last night and listened to my pathetic lil' self play some chill beats, I thank you from the bottom of my sickly heart. At least I hope you enjoyed the jams, as well as the interview with George Reefah (http://www.georgereefah.com/main.html). Here is the playlist I promised you:

Sorry if they are a little out of order, but if you liked one song in particular but forget what it was called, you can sing a couple bars for me and I will deduce what song that is for ya. Three tracks were from the album Mushroom Jazz 6, produced by Mark Farina, and it is awesome to kick back and relax to. That old Outkast song and basically any Nappy Roots song really embody some down-home, southern hip-hop, you can almost feel the humidity listening to it sometimes.

In conclusion, I mean it when I say EFF YOU, FEBRUARY, you poor excuse for a month. For those of you with a birthday in February, Happy Belated Birthday and whatever, but this month was 70% HELL for me. Next Monday will be the beginning of March, and I only have high hopes for what this month could bring.

Stay fresh,

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