Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey ya'll, sorry this is so late but I had somewhat of a stress week post-Monday.
Here is the playlist from our Fr3$Hm3n 15 show (click to enlarge):

Like I said in the message, these are OUR personal opinions on who WE think is really making an impact on hip-hop today. If YOU differ and would like to share your thoughts, call into the next show, or message me, or, I dunno, tickle my belly, whatever will make you feel good (unless your thoughts include Lil' Wayne, then you can go drink a hot cup of shutthefuckup).

Also, side note: If you came to Paper last night to see The Throwbacks, give yourself a big pat on the back. Everybody who came out to support is a real pal. I at least hope you got to enjoy my Ft.Laudy-Goin-To-Da-Club-May-See-Some-Side-Boob outfit I was sporting. I know I did!

Going to see The Knux @ BU Central tonightz and Canibus tomorrow. There are seriously SO many shows coming up, I have no idea what to do with myself. Let me know if you ever want to join me!

Enjoy yer weekend, partypeeple,

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