Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Straddling two different dimensions.

Ok, so first of all, this blogging thing is really hard. My good friend Morgan just started a blog and she's great at it and it makes me feel inferior (here's a link to it, Bookmark that shit). I guess practice makes perfect.

ANYWAY, last night I had a really strange experience. It was an awesome experience, but a pretty strange one. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Boston (and Cambridge, technically) scene, The Middle East is a venue that is made up of three different subvenues all located in the same building complex: Upstairs, Downstairs, and ZuZu. Many different types of acts roll in and out of these places, and it's rare to have two shows of a similar nature playing at the same time there. So, when I decided I was going to document the THROWED weekly dance party at MidEast Upstairs AND the 617 BOSTON PROJECT hip-hop showcase at MidEast Downstairs for ROCKSMITH, I had a vague idea of how different those shows were going to be.

It turned out that I had entered two completely different dimensions of space and time.

First, I went Upstairs, since I figured the opening acts at the Downstairs show were most likely going to blow monkey balls. After about 5 minutes in there, I concluded that I was the oldest girl in the place. I started to feel like a nursing home resident after the first band took the stage, because the volume was too loud and I had to go sit by myself outside at the restaurant bar. TOO COOL!!!1!11!
Once JAY K set up shop, I realized that these barely-legal biddies can get down. I'm sure many of them pre-gamed thoroughly before getting those unmistakable X's on their hands, but they managed to seriously get down for the good majority of the night.

After I got to see some of E-MARCE's set, I headed Downstairs. Even while walking down the stairs to the show, I felt time slowing. I opened the doors and it was basically a room FULL of die-hard La Coka Nostra fanboys. Although this is the norm for many Boston hip-hop shows, after coming fresh from a room full of sweaty, saucy biddies, the change in audience was striking. SLAINE was on stage with JAYSAUN when I came in, and I quickly shimmied backstage thanks to BLACASTAN. The entire atmosphere felt so much more tense and raw Downstairs, compared the to lighthearted and good-time feel from Upstairs. Regardless, I had never seen Slaine live and I must admit, he puts on one hell of a show. I got some dope footage of Jaysaun explaining his love for the Bean too:

Then, went back Upstairs to catch the final moments of FRANK WHITE's set, which was awesome as per usual. Sadly, because Boston is weird and Puritanical, The Middle East shuts down all shows at 12:30AM, and thus the night came to a screeching halt at exactly that time. I feel lucky to have experienced such different scenes at the same [general] place, hopefully it can happen more often. And even though I'm cool riding solo-dolo, maybe others will like to join me next time!

CLICK HERE for some SWEET pics from the evening!

If you missed out on all this madness and want in for my next adventure, just holler.

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