Saturday, June 5, 2010

Early Buds of Summer: Embracing Ladyhood

So I just became the sole Boston representative for Rocksmith Tokyo, which is totally boss. It's a great company with really sick gear, AND it was started by DJ Master Key in Tokyo. This new gig requires me to run around and document the music/clothing/culture scene in the Bean. This also meant that I needed to purchase a new camera to document said things. To begin, here are some random shots of adorable things, and a sw33t panoramic shot of my living room, complete with roommate and friends!

Here is a kitty in a box. (product placement??)

Here is a kitty in a boot.

Here is a panoramic shot of my living room w/ (L2R:) Elissa, Alex (roomie),
and their friend.

On to business: This past Thurs, I went to the Ladies 1st event that was put on my friends Mayan Tamang and Agari Crew at my favorite bar in Boston, Good Life. If you've never heard of 'em, WAKE UP!!
After having to translate multiple Japanese hip-hop songs for my independent study, I have SO much respect for Japanese MCs. Fun fact: up until the late 80's, nobody in Japan knew how to write hip-hop verses in a way that made sense in Japanese (check the facts here!).
ANYWAY, Ladies 1st is a new ladies night in Boston, bumpin mainly hip-hop and reggae jams. Even though it wasn't as packed as it usually is for Fresh Produce, it was still off-the chaaaain! I was just getting over a cold and wasn't drinking, and I STILL got busy on the dance floor. Check out some pics from the night:

Mark and JTronius of Agari Crew with some friends and me.

Ivan of the Floorlords Crew and yours truly lookin grimey.

My girl Kasumi, straight outta Tokyo, and our new friend.

Mayan and Mark about to get it in.

Dude with pigtails. Couldn't resist.

MMmmmm a selection of Mayan Tamang sneaks...

...And Mayan Tamang threads!

Bet you feel left out now, right? Don't worry, Ladies 1st will be happenin again sometime reeeeeal soon.

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